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At level forty four you need to go through the base correct portal. Dive to the shaded strains and make use of the environmentally friendly portal about the remaining after shifting through the location.

On level fifty two, leap and dive with the spikes to hit the switch. You are going to land on the moving System. From below, you could soar on the wall in the best still left to reach the facet and soar off the wall. You are going to then move on to another section. Make your way down the world, preventing spikes together your way.

For amount forty two use the going spike platforms as elevators for getting up to the very best. It is possible to jump across devoid of activating the spring when the platforms have moved up.

Go in the spring and afterwards bounce from the hatched traces and slide and bounce then dive to get to the flag.

Soar down from the hole at The underside of the ground and you may activate the main change from the area underneath. From there make your way back up and go into the 2nd-door room.

For stage fifty three, jump over the primary two sets of spikes and dive. Slide beneath the upcoming set then climb up to the still left wall and jump over the following established and dive. Do a little leap and dive throughout the hole for another section and then quicken to slip and dive with the following part.

For this degree, transfer to the correct and do two jumps. Finally you'll attain a wall in front of you. Go specifically close to this wall until you touch it then soar. You'll get a Considerably larger bounce and have the capacity to Hop over it.

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Soar down the gap on the still left aspect wall and strike in the spring within the facet. It will bounce you to the next part.

Observe your jumps and especially Be sure to land about the lesser platforms with precision. Right after hitting a couple of switches you can achieve a box with rockets. Swiftly hit the switch and smash through the hatched traces to get from there prior to the rockets.

Slide less than the very first wall (run and push the down arrow vital) then end. Execute another slide but bounce while sliding before you slide off the sting. From here you then can Hop over into the flag.

Picture: Assault in the Fanboy In level 30 slide below the main set of spikes and smash down throughout the hatched strains. Once the platform is relocating to the remaining, leap, smash, then leap once more to get into the spring.

Picture: Attack with the Fanboy For degree ten you will need to slide into the first “Sturdy” spring, from right here you're going to get despatched up into the “Weak” spring which is able to then bring you to definitely the subsequent System.

You can then smash down and jump to acquire a lot more peak to reach the other platforms. Get in the hatched lines and after that go to the best when you're taking place the side. There is another corridor where by You should time your jumps to acquire through the hatched traces to get to the flag.

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